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How do I sign up for service?

To sign up for service we will need proof of ownership which may consist of a deed, settlement statement or closing disclosure as well as a copy of your photo ID. Bring all requirements with you to The Mon Valley Sewage Authority at 20 S Washington Street, Donora, PA 15033. A brief application will need completed upon arrival.

When paying online there is no fee added to the transaction.

A pink slip posted on your property means that your account is overdue by at least 45 days. In order to prevent any interruptions and/or cancellations to your service you must bring the account current. The amount due on the posting notice is the amount that MUST be paid by the date also listed on the notice to avoid shut off.

ABC’s phone number is: 724-483-3585

Once a property has had water terminated for non-payment the account must be brought current (all past due amounts must be paid) and a fee of $100 must be paid as well. The $100 is the fee given for the turn off AND turn on of service to the property through ABC.